Woodham Dental Surgery provide a range of cosmetic dental treatments to help you enhance the appearance of your teeth.
We offer a choice of treatments that can suit individual needs and budgets to help create that perfect smile.
  1. £35
    Full mouth assessment including any advice and options
  2. £5
    X rays
  3. £40
    Scale and Polish
    Thorough cleaning and polishing of the teeth
  4. £50
    White fillings from
    Aesthetic tooth coloured fillings
  5. £45
    Silver fillings from
    Hard wearing and functional fillings
  6. £130
    Root Canal Therapy from
    Save your tooth from extraction
Treat you and your teeth to good dental health. All our materials are of high quality and all laboratory work is approved and regulated. Rest assured we look after you and your appliances.

Your treatment plan is tailored to you. There are numerous options for any one given problem so all options are discussed with you first. 

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Crowns, veneers and bridges
  1. £350
    Porcelain Crowns from
    Metal free crowns of the the highest quality when appearance and strength are paramount
  2. £250
    Porcelain Veneers from
    Thin laminates are used to cover the teeth to help improve appearance
  3. £350
    Bridges from
    A large selection of different designs and materials are available to help fill small gaps
  4. £280
    Inlays from
    An alternative to large fillings. Available in gold, composite or porcelain
Cosmetic Treatment
  1. £250
    Boutique Whitening
    Safe, Effective and Professional Tooth Whitening
  2. £999
    Quick Straight Teeth from
    Fast acting and tooth coloured braces to get that perfect smile you always wanted
  3. £350
    Cosmetic Dentures from
    Get the all natural look with fantastic looking teeth. Available in different grades of aesthetic teeth
  4. £500
    Flexible denture from
    Made out of acryic and nylon, this type of denture is robust but supple and lightweight